Data from multiple sources is often one of the biggest headaches facing direct marketers.

An organisation may have several different data sources that store contact and customer information in entirely different formats.

Having multiple sources of data may lead to:

  • Duplication of records, increasing the costs of direct marketing campaigns and irritating customers who receive multiple direct mail pieces instead of one;
  • Difficulty in accurately assessing the success of a direct marketing campaign;
  • Difficulty in extracting data that is needed, when it is needed;
  • Data may be more prone to error as the need for human intervention increases;
  • High costs incurred in the management of multiple IT platforms.

The Benefits Of Direct Mail Data Management Services.

  • Consolidation of various sources of data creates one central data repository.
  • Duplicates are removed, saving costs and customer irritation.
  • The opportunity for postal discounts is maximised.
  • Barcodes are allocated on-site.

Data Management Service And Specifications.

  • Direct Mail provides total preparation and cleansing of data files for Australia Post correct addressing requirements.
  • It also provides barcode allocation and pre-sorting services.
  • Direct Mail offers print post line haul and consolidation to maximize postal discounts.
  • Direct Mail’s data services include de-duplication of data.
  • It also provides washing of data files.
  • On-site resources manage data capture and data entry.