Direct Mail uses state-of-the-art, high-speed cut sheet Xerox Nuvera 144’s and the latest Color Press laser printing equipment on-site, outputting the highest quality black on white and full color available.

Whether it’s single-sided, duplex or multiplex, DL or A3, on your paper stock or paper stock selected from the wide range held by Direct Mail, the team takes the hassle out of meeting your direct marketing laser printing and imaging needs.

The Direct Mail team is experienced at handling all aspects of the laser printing process and personalisation of direct mail pieces.

The Benefits Of Laser Printing And Imaging.

  • Direct Mail’s Laser Printing and Imaging service enables easy personalization of your direct mail.
  • Research shows that personalising your direct marketing dramatically improves customer interest and lifts response rates.
  • Direct Mail owns high volume laser printing equipment that means you don’t need to bog down your own laser printers, preventing your staff from accessing office equipment they need to be productive.

Direct Mail That Suits Laser Printing.

  • Postcards.
  • Personalised letters & Cover sheets
  • Intelligent multipage bills and invoices.
  • Personalised offers and communications.

Laser Printing and Imaging Specifications.

  • Laser Printers handle stock from 100 x 150mm custom size, DL to A3.
  • Laser printing can be either single, double or multi-sided (simplex, duplex or multiplex).
  • Direct Mail can handle coated, gloss, silk and matt paper stocks.
  • Stock thickness permitted to 300 GSM also for full color.
  • Binding, stapling, collating and finishing is available.
  • Scanning and photocopying services are available (trade only).