Once your direct marketing pieces have been printed, personalised, inserted into either plastic wrap or envelopes, it is time that they were delivered.

Direct Mail offers a suite of mail services, using Australia Post, and also calls upon its network of reliable, reputable couriers to deliver locally, domestically and around the world.

Whether your job is a one-off mailing or is part of ongoing direct marketing campaign activity that you run, all direct marketing pieces are consolidated and line hauled with Australia Post which ensures Direct Mail clients receive the maximum postage discount available.

The Benefits Of Mail and Courier Services.

  • When it comes to mail services, Direct Mail uses Australia Post because it is best able to handle domestic post.
  • Direct Mail also uses its network of international freight distributors for global delivery services.
  • Computerised track and trace is offered on all road consignments so that you know exactly where your mailing is.
  • Direct Mail offers the highest possible Australia Post discounts.
  • Direct Mail handles the complete range of mail services such as barcoded lodgment, bulk pre-sort of mail services, regular and off-peak lodgment, print post lodgement services, charity and impact mail services, and mail destined for an international destination.

Mail or Courier Service And Specifications.

  • Direct Mail handles 5000 to over 500,000 pieces.
  • It offers complete mail services, including management and lodgment.
  • It offers local, domestic and overseas distribution.
  • It uses Australia Post and/or international freight distributors.
  • Direct Mail offers computerised track and trace for all road freight consignments.
  • Direct Mail handles letters – small, medium and large.
  • It also handles parcels up to 20kg.
  • Direct Mail supplies mailing tubes and flat packs if required.