6 tips for successful letterbox delivery marketing campaigns

13 July 2018

  Image credit: Jerry Kiesewetter   It’s tough being one of many businesses competing for attention in our busy, noisy consumer marketplace. Direct marketers have known for years that everyone loves a letter. If the recipient of your letterbox piece is interested in what you drop through their letterbox, you’ll have engagement. To get their […]

6 tips to keep your bulk mailing project flawless

7 July 2018

We have compiled a brief list of useful tips to help your job run smoothly. Should you have any questions regarding these or any other information provided, please do not hesitate to ask us! Tip 1: Data Files Please supply your data file in Microsoft excel, with field names (column headers) in the first line. […]

4 Tips To Improve Direct Marketing Performance

13 April 2018

    Looking to boost your direct marketing campaign performance? If you have the budget, turn to TV, says UK’s Brand Republic, citing the findings of a recent UK study from ITV and the British Direct Marketing Association. According to the study, television advertising boosted other campaign activity, including online activity by 175%, direct mail […]

Xerox Colour Printer Offers Lifelike Imagery

20 March 2018

DMC has installed the latest Xerox Color Press digital laser printing equipment on site to compliment our two Xerox Nuvera 144 black and white machines. We are able to reproduce incredible lifelike color on single cut sheet up to SRA3 (oversize A3 STOCK) max 350gsm. This equipment delivers outstanding results for postcards, letters and leaflets […]

Cost-Effective Customer Acquisitions With DMC

22 May 2017

Unaddressed Mail is a service for the delivery of mail to designated postcodes, which does not include a delivery name or address. It maybe enveloped, wrapped or as a postcard. This is a great way to reach out to prospective customers without needing to have a name and address. It’s an ideal way to start […]

Help save the mountain gorilla

23 September 2015

DMC are proud supporters of Humane Society International as you probably are aware. This month we are asking our valued customers to Help save the mountain gorilla Coltan is a valuable mineral used in the manufacture of mobile phones. It is mined from the mountain gorilla’s forest home, destroying their natural habitat and threatening these […]

Helping To Create A Humane World

22 May 2013

DMC, A PROUD SUPPORTER OF HUMANE SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL Nine years ago, when Humane Society International first met gentle, patient Champa, a magnificent Asian elephant, she suffered greatly from her untreated injuries. It was Champa that created the determination to provide sanctuary for elephants too old or ill to continue to work on the hot streets of […]

Australia Post Price Increase

20 March 2013

Australia Post increased its postal charges, effective April 8, 2013. This was the 3rd price increase in 18 months and will affect many mail services. (You can log onto the Australia Post website (www.auspost.com.au/newprices) to view the new increases.) It’s important to note that normal mail customers cannot get the lower postal rates published by Australia Post […]

Why Use A Mail House?

22 February 2012

A mail house, like Direct Mail Corporation, has a long history in taking direct mail pieces of all shapes and sizes and ensuring that they reach their intended destinations. Full-service mail houses like ours offer clients a range of mail services, from sourcing mailing lists or taking a client’s mailing lists, merging and cleaning data, […]

What Is A Fulfilment Service?

14 February 2012

For many companies, the logistics of handling orders that need to be processed, packed and dispatched are a tedious distraction from their core business – and they don’t want to be burdened by the cost of hiring extra staff to manage in-house fulfilment processes. In these circumstances, businesses turn to companies like Direct Mail Corporation […]