Shrink wrap is a popular way to protect products during shipment, since it prevents moisture, dirt and damage from occurring.

Because shrink wrap hugs the shape of the product, the packaging does not rub or move against the product.

In addition to preventing damage, shrink wrapping also keeps the package contents secure from tampering, so shrink wrapping is popular for products such as music CDs, DVDs, annual reports, catalogues and many more.

During shrink wrapping application, the plastic shrink wrap film is heated which causes it to shrink and conform to the shape of the product.

Direct Mail has fully-automated shrink wrapping services available which can wrap a broad range of direct mail and promotional products at very competitive rates.

The Benefits Of Shrink Wrap Services.

  • Shrink wrap packaging is an extremely popular packaging method because it offers high levels of protection while a product is being shipped. It prevents moisture and dirt from damaging your product and, because it hugs the shape of the product, does not rub or move against your product.
  • Choose between blue, white and clear shrink wrap colours to best showcase your direct mail piece.
  • Clear shrink wrap is very popular in retail applications because it allows for visual impact while offering outstanding levels of protection.
  • White shrink wrapping film is particularly good at reducing sweating or moisture build up because it reflects sunlight, thus a more consistent temperature.
  • Shrink wrapping packaging is customizable. Direct Mail can shrink wrap an almost endless array of products.
  • Shrink wrapping packaging is extremely cost-effective.

Shrink Wrap Service And Specifications.

  • DMC offer fully automated shrink wrapping of CDs, disks, catalogues, booklets and printed literature.
  • The list of products we can wrap is endless.